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Project Management in Winnipeg

Central Canadian Structures Inc. has provided effective project management in Winnipeg for over 50 years. The project management method of construction is one where CCS works directly with the client to coordinate both the design and the construction. CCS will work directly with the client to create a design, an initial budget and then a full set of working drawings. At that point, CCS will tender the project to pre-qualified sub-trades and commence construction for a stipulated fixed-percentage fee. The advantage to using a project management approach is that it allows the client  to have direct involvement in the entire process. Other benefits of project management include:

  • Increased Client Satisfaction – Because the client is directly involved throughout the process, it ensures that things will be completed to their exact specifications.
  • Improved Project Efficiency – Because we provide a roadmap for the project, it allows for all parties involved to follow it through to project completion – on-time and on-budget. You can also expect an increase in quality and quantity thanks to effective project management.
  • Improved Project Flexibility – Project management allows you to determine the road you want to take for project completion and adjusts for any speedbumps along the way. If there’s a smarter approach to take, rest assured that we’ll find it together!
  • Professional Insights at Your Fingertips – Our professional insights can allow you to look at and approach things differently throughout the process so you have a better chance of success. The expertise that has allowed us to successfully complete many projects over the years is directly at your disposal to utilize however you see fit.
  • Effective Risk Management – Rely upon our expertise to point out any possible risks (red flags) before they can become a hurdle to project completion. After all, that’s what we’re here for!

How Project Management in Winnipeg Works

Do you need project management services for your next Winnipeg project? We’ll take a look at your project proposal to determine how and when the work needs to be completed, including any prep work that will need to be completed prior to beginning the project. Then, we’ll come up with a proposed schedule/roadmap for the project and help coordinate the efforts of all involved. 

CCS acts as your middleman to ensure all the proper equipment, supplies and tradespeople are secured and helps you effectively track the project’s inventory and budget. It’s our job to ensure the job remains on track (on-time and on-budget). If you’re looking for reliable project management in Winnipeg or surrounding areas, give Central Canadian Structures Inc. a call.


Central Canadian Structures Inc

"The 46,000 square foot facility that CCS built for us in Moscow is an impressive structure. CCS was the general contractor for the project and was responsible for overseeing the work of Russian subcontractors. We worked very closely with CCS during the building process and appreciated their openness and cooperation. In a difficult environment like Moscow, it was critically important to have a general contractor with a proven track record and a competent and honest staff."

John Bernbaum


Russian-American Christian University

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